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Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver - numbered referencing style

Elements of the citation


  • Short title of the Act or Regulations in italics – (if no short title use the long title)
  • Year in italics or underlined
  • (Jurisdiction) abbreviated and in round brackets
  • Pinpoint reference to the relevant section or subsection if applicable

Format for Legislation

Title Year (Jurisdiction Abbreviation) Pinpoint.

Case Law 

  • Case Name in Italics or underlined if unable to italicise
  • Year in brackets eg. (2012) for reports with sequential volume numbers and therefore the year is not essential for locating the correct volume in the series OR use square brackets eg. [2012] where the year is essential to locate the correct volume
  •  Volume number
  • Abbreviation of the law report
  • Commencing page number of the case,
  • Pinpoint page number, separated from the commencing page number by a comma (only when referring to a specific statement in the judgement)
  • Name of the court – only used when it is not obvious from the citation what the deciding court was

Format for reported cases

Case Name (Year) Volume Law Report Abbreviation Page, Pinpoint (Court).

NOTE: where a case has been reported in the ‘authorised” reports for that court, you should use that citation in preference to any other citation which you may have.

Further information about citing legal resources:


Elements of the citation Short title of the act in italics Year in italics (Juridiction) Pinpoint reference to relevant section.
Reference list
  1. Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966 (Qld) s 3.
  1. Trusts Act 1973 (Qld) s 58.
In-text reference Note: where you are referring to legislative provision in the text of your work, you should write as you would speak
eg. Section 58 of the Trusts Act 1973 (Qld) states that...
      NOT: Trusts Act 1973 (Qld) s 58 states that.
EndNote reference type Legal

Enter all the details ‐ title, year, jurisdiction and section in the AGLC Citation field

Enter short title of Act or Regulation into the Short Title field

Case law

Elements of the citation Case name in italics [year in round or square brackets see Elements of the citation] Volume Number Abbreviation of law report Commencing page number of case Pinpoint (Name of Court only when not obvious from citation)
Reference list
  1. Commonwealth v Tasmania (1983) 185 CLR 1.
  1. Aldric v EM Investments (Qld) Pty Ltd [2000] 2 Qd R 346 (Court of Appeal)
  1. Bakker v Stewart [1980] VR 17,22.
In-text reference In Bakker v Stewart5 the...
EndNote reference type Legal

AGLC citation field:  enter all the details of the case eg. Bakker v Stewart [1980] VR 17,22