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Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver - numbered referencing style

Tables/ Figures / Images / Appendices

Elements of the citation Follow the format of the reference type (book, journal or website) in which you found  the table/figure/image/appendix followed by: table/figure/image/appendix number of original source, Title of table/figure/image/appendix from original source; p. Page number of  table/figure/image/appendix from original source.

NOTE: each reference to a different table/figure/image within the same document requires a separate entry in the Reference list
  1. Smith J, Lipsitch M, Almond JW. Vaccine production, distribution, access, and uptake. Lancet 2011;378(9789):428‐438. Table 1, Examples of vaccine classes and associated industrial challenges; p. 429.
  1. Grivetti LE. Chocolate, crime, and the courts: Selected English trial documents, 1693‐1834. In: Grivetti LE, Shapiro H, editors. Chocolate: History and culture. Hoboken (NJ). John Wiley & Sons; 2009. Table 20.1, Chocolate‐related crime: Old Bailey court records; p. 244.
  1. Hong S. Wireless: From Marconi’s black‐box to the Audion. London (GB). MIT Press; 2001. Figure 1.5, Marconi's grounded antenna; p. 21.
In-text Crimes relating to chocolate was high (see Table 5).

Table 3. Examples of vaccine classes and associated industrial challenges.(1)

Table 5. Chocolate related crime: Old Bailey court records.2

Figure 3. Marconi’s grounded antenna.3

Note: - the table number in these examples would be the table number in your document not the table    number in the original document.
          - The original table number must be cited in the reference list.
          - If you change the table title in your document you must cite the original title
            of the table in the reference list. 
EndNote reference type Enter journal/Book/Book section details as normal.


Pages field:  insert a full stop after the page numbers and then add the details of the table/figure/image/ appendix eg. 428‐438. Table 1, Examples of vaccine classes and associated industrial challenges; p. 429

Book Section (for book chapters)

Pages field: enter - table details starting with table/figure/image/appendix as shown in the example. The ‘p.’ will be inserted by EndNote. If you are inserting page numbers for the chapter ‐ after the page numbers add ‘full stop space p.” followed by the table details. 


Year field:  insert a full stop and space after the year followed by the table/figure/image/appendix details as shown. eg. 2001. Figure 1.5, Marconi’s grounded antenna; p. 21