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Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver - numbered referencing style

What is Vancouver referencing style?

The Vancouver style of referencing is predominantly used in the medical field.

Before you write your list of references, check with your lecturer or tutor for the referencing style preferred by the school. There may be differences in the style recommended by the school.

What is referencing?

Referencing is a standardised way of acknowledging the sources of information and ideas that you have used in your assignments and which allows the sources to be identified.  It is important to be consistent when you are referencing.

Why reference?

Referencing is important to avoid plagiarism, to verify quotations and to enable readers to follow up what you have written and more fully understand the cited author’s work.

Steps in referencing:

  • Record the full bibliographic details and relevant page numbers of the source from which information is taken.
  • Punctuation marks and spaces in the reference list and citations are very important. Follow the punctuation and spacing exactly.
  • Insert the citation at the appropriate place in the text of your document.
  • Include a reference list that includes all in-text citations at the end of your document.

Why reference?

It is important to understand the basics of referencing and why it is important. 

A referencing style is a set of rules on how to acknowledge the thoughts, ideas and works of others in a particular way. Different types of sources eg. books, articles, each have a specific format, determined by the referencing style you are using.

Referencing is a crucial part of successful academic writing, avoiding plagiarism and maintaining academic integrity in your assignments and research.

Watch Introduction to referencing (YouTube 3m43s) to learn about the basics of referencing.

Publication types examples

Many types of publication examples have been provided in this guide. If you cannot find the example you need, you can:

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Note: This guide was updated on 30 June 2023.