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Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver - numbered referencing style


Elements of the citation Investigator(s) names. Title of dataset [medium type]. Host institution name/Producer: Physical location; Year of publication [Date accessed]. Available from: Identifier – DOI or URL
Reference list
  1. Harrell, F. Data for Titanic passengers [Data file]. Vanderbilt University, Department of Biostatistics: Nashville(TN); 2011. [cited 24 Oct 2014]. Available from:
In-text reference The majority of the Titanic survivors………(1)
EndNote reference type Dataset

Investigators field:enter - the author/institution name

Title field: enter - name of study/resource/dataset

Data type field:  enter -  type of medium eg. Data file, Computer file

Distributor field: enter -  the name of producer/host institution name

Place published field: enter - the physical location

Year field: enter - year of publication

Access Date field: enter  - the date the data was accessed

URL and/or DOI fields enter the appropriate identifier