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Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver - numbered referencing style

Personal communication (oral, written and email)

Personal communication:

  • is entered manually in the text of your document. It cannot be done through EndNote
  • should be included in the text of your document – cited in text only
  • should not be included in your reference list

Personal communication in the text of your document must include:

  • Date of communication​
  • ​Type of communication – oral, written (eg. Letter, written communication) or email (include email address)
  • ​Affiliation (university, organisation)‐ optional and highest academic degree​

It is recommended you get permission from the source/author of your personal communication.

In a conversation with a A. B. Smith, MD (April 2010)...

According to a letter by C. D. Jones (Assoc. Prof., Dept of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, PA) in November 2010...
According to C.D. Jones , PhD (written communication, November 2010)...

In‐text: In an email from E. Ferguson, PhD ( in August 2010...

It is important to keep a copy of the email.