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UQ eSpace: manage your research outputs and datasets

Everything you need to know about using UQ eSpace to keep your research output and research data profile up to date

Find works to complete

Claim works via your Claim possible works list.  This will move NTROs added to eSpace by a co-author to your My incomplete works list. 

Find existing works to complete via your UQ eSpace dashboard. 

Click on the VIEW AND COMPLETE button in the orange dashboard alert to access your works from (including) 2012 that require new information, e.g.

You can also find your works via the left-hand navigation column My incomplete works link.

See the NTRO submission data requirements list to find out what kind of information you may be asked to provide.
Tip:  It may be helpful to open the submission data requirements in a new tab for easy reference when completing each work.

My incomplete works

On this page you can view:

  • A list of NTRO works from (including) 2012 that require more information in order of most recent publication date
  • A COMPLETE MY WORK button for each work

Click on the COMPLETE WORK button, then follow the red prompts to provide additional information to enrich the description of your work

Complete your works

Things to note:

  • Follow the red prompts to provide mandatory information. 
  • You can also provide new/additional grant information and add notes to the eSpace team. 
  • You must upload at least one work evidence file if prompted to do so. This will only happen if files were not previously included for the work, e.g. a previous ERA submission, or co-author has uploaded a file.
  • When you have completed all works in your list, the dashboard alert and navigation column link will disappear. 
  • The dashboard alert will reappear if you are a co-author on new works deposited by one of your co-authors, so that you can select a scale/significance option and provide your creator research statement.
    Note:  Your works need to be linked to your UQ eSpace profile before they become available for update.  If they were not linked to your profile when deposited to UQ eSpace, you need to claim them via your Claim posssible works list.

Authors section:

  • You cannot change the author name details on this form.  It is the author affiliation details that are required.
  • You cannot add affiliation details for UQ authors who have already claimed the work (identified via the grey lock next to their names). 
  • You can add/change affiliation details for yourself, regardless of whether there is a red prompt. 
  • You can also add/change affiliation details for non-UQ authors and group authors
  • Group authors include entities such as orchestras, choirs or ensembles where listed separately as an author

To complete:

When you have completed the form and met all mandatory requirements, click on the COMPLETE WORK button to submit.
 You will not be prompted to upload a file if evidence of the work has been uploaded previously.  This may have been done during a previous ERA submission.

  • Click on the COMPLETE ANOTHER WORK button to repeat the process for remaining works in your list.