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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

How does a pending collaborator enable their access to the storage?

Other collaborators are the researchers added to the UQRDM record by the UQ lead or owner of the record. If the collaborators have not joined the project by clicking on the link in the invitation email, they will be listed under PENDING COLLABORATORS.

There are several steps to access the storage.

1. Once data storage is provisioned, other collaborators added to a UQRDM record receive an email inviting them to join the record.

Note: The owner and UQ lead of the record will not receive this email. 

The email includes an invitation link that the collaborator needs to follow. This link will expire after a 4 week period. 

A reminder will be sent to the collaborator one week before the link expires. If the link expires, the owner/lead on the record will be notified that these pending collaborators have been removed from the record.

2. To accept the invitation, the collaborator needs to follow the link and log in with the relevant authentication method. 

UQ researchers or researchers affiliated with UQ log in via the UQ staff and student authentication method. For UQ students who add their staff account as a collaborator, they need to log in using their staff credentials to join the project.

External collaborators need to select one of the authentication methods for non-UQ staff/students. Advice to select the correct login is provided in the email they receive when added to a record.

3. Once they have accepted the invitation, the collaborator is no longer PENDING and further instructions on how to access the storage are sent to them. There may be up to a 2 hour delay before external collaborators can access the storage (after accepting the invitation). 

The record owner and the UQ lead will always be notified when a collaborator logs in and joins a project.