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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.


AAF =  A national service connecting research communities and higher education identity federations across Australia. If you are unsure whether your institution is in the AAF, please consult this list of institutions the AAF supports. 

Active record = A record is "active' once it has been submitted and approved by the project Lead.

Allocation folder = Folder that is allocated for each storage allocation. Accessible by any collaborator listed on the record. Named using the format: <storage label>-<storage code> - e.g. RDMTEST00-Q0463. 

DRN = Digital Research Notebook provided by LabArchives.

eduGain = eduGAIN is an international service connecting research communities and higher education identity federations around the world.

External collaborator = Any person from outside UQ who is listed as a collaborator on a record. Logging in to access UQRDM options for external collaborators include: AAF, eduGain and LinkedIn. See here for more information.

HDR student = Higher Degree by Research student (i.e. PhD or MPhil).

Inactive user = An inactive user is a person who no longer has an active UQ account (the most common reason is that they have left UQ) and therefore cannot access UQRDM storage due to not having a current UQ login.

Incomplete = A record which is started by the record owner and saved by clicking the "Save draft" button, not submitted for approval. Only the owner can make changes to an incomplete record. A record will remain "Incomplete" until it is submitted for approval or data storage is requested.

Pending Lead Approval = A record submitted by the owner, but not yet approved. A record will remain as "Pending Lead Approval" until approved by the project lead.

Pending creation  = A storage allocation request has been submitted by the record owner. It will remain pending until data storage has been provisioned (usually within 30 minutes, however can take up to 24 hours in some circumstances).

Pending collaborator = Any collaborator who is added to a record (name and email address) but has not yet followed the link sent via email (inviting them to join the project), to login and enable access to the storage. 

Project record identifier = The identifier assigned to the project record.  It consists of two parts: the system generated year code and the alphanumeric storage code assigned by ITS.

Publishing a dataset to UQ eSpace  = The process of creating a data record in UQ eSpace with metadata information collected from the UQRDM project record and a DOI being automatically minted to the data record.

Record = Research activity.

Record owner = UQ staff or student who creates the record and requests storage.

Storage Label = One of the mandatory fields that is filled out by the record owner, which is used during the storage allocation process to prefix an allocation folder. Consists of 6-20 characters (combination of numbers, letters, underscores only) - e.g. RDM_TEST00_Data. This code cannot be updated after the record is submitted. 

Storage code = Provided by ITS for each storage allocation once a request is made. Used to prefix an allocation folder. Consists of 5 characters, starting with a single letter and followed by 4 numbers - e.g. Q0463.

UQ collaborator = Any UQ staff member or HDR student who is listed as a collaborator on a record. 

UQ lead = UQ lead investigator of a research project OR UQ principal advisor of a HDR project who must approve the record before storage is allocated (cannot be a HDR student).

UQRDM = UQ Research Data Manager.