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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

When to update your project record

A UQRDM record can be updated at any time throughout the project, by the record owner or the lead. Other UQ collaborators may view the record only, not edit or make changes. External collaborators cannot see the UQRDM project record.

Project records may need to be updated when team members join or leave a project, UQ Leads and Owners leave and new leads and owners need to be appointed, services are added, or metadata is updated to more accurately represent a project.

All UQ researchers on a project record can view the provenance or 'Record History'. The history will record every change made to a project record (e.g. when a collaborator is removed or added). For security and access oversight, if access is granted or expanded for a user, the Project Lead will be notified immediately by email.

General changes to a project record such as adding collaborators, or amending metadata fields will not result in a notification email to the Lead or Owner.

See FAQ for more information.

  Contact for assistance.

How to update your UQRDM project record

Open your project record from the UQRDM dashboard.

From the project record you can:

  • edit and update any project metadata
  • add or remove collaborators
  • link ethics and funding information
  • add storage and services
  • update project owners and leads.

Scroll or click through to the section you want to update or edit. Make any changes and click on Save to keep the amended record.

Edit project metadata

Open the project record and scroll down to the project information metadata.

You can edit and amend all fields, including changing the project to or from an HDR project (note: changing the HDR status may impact your ability to submit a thesis at a later stage).


Add Grant and Ethics information

Link to your grant or ethics approvals at any time. Scroll down to the grant or ethics section of your project record. Click on 'add' and follow the prompts to add these details to your project record.

Add storage and services

Up to three storage allocations can be linked to a project record as well as a Digital Research Notebook and Impact Tracker. These services can be added at any time.

Once added, these services cannot be removed.

Add or remove a collaborator

Add a collaborator

Open your project record in UQRDM. In the collaborator section click on the blue icon to add collaborators. Only project Leads and Owners can add or remove collaborators.



You have two ways of adding a collaborator: 

1. Search for a User. All users of UQRDM can be searched and added to a project. If your collaborator has previously been a user of UQRDM, search their name and add them to your record. 

2. Invite a New User to UQRDM.   Enter the collaborator's name, their email address, then click 'Add to List'. 

Added collaborators will be listed on the screen. Check the list before proceeding. If you need to remove the collaborator, click on the 'trash' icon. If the list of collaborators is correct, continue to next step - Assign Permissions.

Assign Permissions

You can assign the levels of access and permissions for each collaborator to the project's storage or services. Click on the question mark icon for more information. Assign one level of access to each collaborator.

Click on 'Invite Collaborators'.

An email will be sent inviting new collaborators to join the project record.



Remove a collaborator

To remove an existing collaborator from a project record, open the project record in UQRDM.

Click the triple dot menu next to the collaborator you are removing. Select 'remove'


Update Digital Research Notebook

You can update an edit elements of your DRN from within the UQRDM project record.

Open the project record.

Go to the DRN connected service, and click on the edit icon.

You can now update the DRN label, change requirements for page signing and witnessing, or preferences for DRN entry positions.

Click on Update service


You can also make changes to the level of access or permissions granted to any collaborators.

Click on the icon, and make any changes as required, then click save.

Update Impact Tracker

You can update the details of your Impact Tracker linked service from your UQRDM project record.

Open your project record and go to the Impact Tracker connected service.

Click on the edit icon and make any changes required to the project label, description of FoR codes.

Click on update service

To manage the permissions and access rights of collaborators, click on the icon, and make the required changes, then click save.

Change the owner or lead on a project

If you are the owner and you are leaving UQ, you should make another collaborator the new owneror lead.  If you are still on the project team and need to access the storage, ask the new owner or the lead investigator to add you as a collaborator using your new login information.

Click on the triple dot menu and select either 'make owner' or 'make lead investigator' for the collaborator you are nominating to the new role.

The new owner or lead will assume all the rights associated with that role. If you have been removed from the role your access rights will revert to User in UQRDM.