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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

UQRDM 2.0 - What's New

UQRDM has been upgraded to provide researchers with more choice, greater flexibility and better control over access to research data. You can create an initial project record, and go on to request storage allocations at any time as required.



What do I need to do?


Current Users

If you are an existing user of UQRDM, you will be prompted to switch to UQRDM 2.0 the next time you login to Follow the instructions in UQRDM, click "UPDATE", scroll down to the fields and provide information as required, then click SAVE.  Once your existing record is updated, you will be able to proceed with other activities.

Your current research data will not be moved or affected, and there will be no changes to storage or project set up. Any linked services you have in place such as Digital Research Notebooks and Impact Tracker will also be preserved and unaffected.

Upgrading to UQRDM 2.0 will give you a single project record (including a new Project Record ID) which you can then use to choose:

  • Any UQ storage type, and multiple UQ storage allocations linked to one project
  • Levels of access for each collaborator (eg read only, no access, read & write access)


New Users

If you are a new UQRDM user, follow this guide to set up a project record, request storage allocations, and manage access to your research data.


Contact for more help

Access UQRDM



The UQRDM Guide will help you set up your UQRDM project record, storage and service allocations, manage your collaborators and access your stored data across the project lifecycle.

HDR students are directed to our HDR support information before starting to use UQRDM.

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This guide shows you how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace.


   Digital Research Notebooks

This guide shows you how to request and use a notebook to store, organise, curate and share all your project's research data and research notes.

Why use UQ Research Data Manager?

The UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) has been specifically designed to help researchers manage their project's research data from project conception, to the publication and dissemination of results. For more information and advice on how to plan, collect and organise your project's research data, please refer to Manage research data


  • Brings flexibility to research data storage, and streamlines project workflows.
  • Provides a central tool for storing research data, managing storage allocations, and associated services
  • Supports multiple appropriate storage allocations per project for ethics, compliance, flexibility and better management of your data
  • Minimum of 1TB of data is provisioned when you select a storage allocation, but can be expanded. It is automatically provisioned on submission and approval of a project record.
  • Enables easy collaboration with UQ and external researchers from any institution or organisation. UQRDM project record owner and project leads can add or remove collaborators at any time directly from the project record.
  • Offers ease of access to stored data for UQ and external collaborators, via either desktop (for UQ collaborators) or a user friendly cloud based service (for UQ and external collaborators).
  • Assists in meeting funding body requirements (e.g. ARC), where researchers must outline how they will manage data arising from a project..
  • Minimises the occurrence of data loss/leakage by ensuring that the data is stored according to "data type" requirements for security and back-up (e.g. if a project has identifiable human data this will always be stored at UQ). 
  • Supports submission of HDR theses and review and conferral workflows.

  Contact for further information.