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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

Set up a UQRDM project record - HDR students

All HDR students should have one project record in collaboration with their principal advisor for their Doctorate or M. Phil degree – to be used from the beginning of your degree for data storage, progress reviews, and thesis submission. 

Detailed instructions on how to set up your UQRDM project record can be found in Create a New Project. However, HDR students should make sure you:

1. Login using your UQ student username (sXXXXXXX) and password to create a project record for your thesis.

2. Select YES when asked  "Is this project a higher degree by research (HDR) project" on the form

3. Add your Principal Advisor as the Project Lead

4. Add your UQ staff credential (if you have one) to the project record as a "Collaborator". This will allow you to access your files regardless of whether you have logged in as a student or a staff member.

5. Add appropriate storage. All HDR students should select 'storage allocation will not be used to store identifiable human data' as a minimum. This will help you share your progress reviews later. If you also require secure storage for human identifable data, add a second storage allocation.

Your supervisor will then need to Approve the project record. 

Activating access to storage for HDR students

When your project record is complete you will receive an email to activate access to your storage. Click on the link in the email.

If you have also added your Staff login credentials in the project record as a collaborator:

1. You will receive Two (2) separate activation emails. One for each login. Activate them both separately as follows.

2. Click on the link in the email sent to your student account, when prompted, login to UQRDM using your student ID to activate the access. Logout from UQRDM.

3. Click on the link in the email sent to your staff account, when prompted, login to UQRDM using your staff ID to activate the access. 


 Note that you need to go through these two activation processes separately. Once you have activated your student login, logout from UQRDM ( Then click on the activation link sent to your staff email and login using your staff credentials. The same process applies to the situation where you activated your staff login first; logout from UQRDM before clicking on the activation link sent to your student email and login using your student credentials. This will ensure both your student and staff accounts are properly registered, and you can see both accounts in the system.

By correctly activating both your student ID and staff ID you will be able to access your storage from anywhere, regardless of which login you use.


Structuring your data folders and collections

Before creating a folder structure in your UQRDM storage allocation, discuss the best approach for the folder structure with your supervisor and other collaborators. A well thought out and consistent folder and file structure can improve the efficiency of your work.

Accessing your storage and uploading files

There are plenty of ways to get help on setting up access to your storage.

1.  You will receive an email advising you that your storage is ready. The email includes a link to instructions on how to access your storage folders for your UQRDM project.

2.  Use the Accessing your storage instructionsThis will guide you on where you go to save your documents, set up folders, and store your data.

3.  Your UQRDM Project Record also contains instructions on how to access and use your storage.

You can create folders and upload/save documents to your UQRDM storage in the same way you would add them to any other file directory.  If you have questions check out our FAQ's for detailed help.

Research progress reports

Upload your Research Progress Report documents in your UQRDM project storage so that your Principal Advisor can access.

  Note that you do not need to create a new record to lodge the Research Progress Report if you already have a project record, you can upload your report in the existing record. 

1. Check your Supervisor has been added as "Project Lead" in your UQRDM project record. This gives them access to all files saved for this project.

2. Complete your Research Progress Report.

3. Save it to your R: drive or save it via Make sure you save it to the correct project if you have more than one.

Done! Your supervisor will now be able to access that document from wherever they are, and review it for you.

Progress Reviews

HDR candidate progression at UQ is supported by a sequence of activities that include 3 Progress Reviews


Prepare your Progress Review files

1. Create a folder with the name Progress Reviews (or sub-folders within that folder with the name Progress Review 1, Progress Review 2, etc.) in your UQRDM research project storage allocation,

2. Save the files or documentation that are only needed for review in this folder, and

For materials required for Progress Reviews, please check with your school.


Share your Progress Review files

1. To share the folder that contains progress review files with your external reviewers, you need to use "share link" function on the RDM cloud, a unique link and a password will be created by UQRDM which can then be provided to the reviewers.

2. Read these instructions and also watch the YouTube video (2m47s) included on how to copy a link and password generated by UQRDM system using "Share link" function.

3. If the storage allocation on your project record was created to store identifiable human data, you will not be able to share a folder with a link via the UQRDM cloud.  You need to add a second storage allocation from the 'Connected Services' pane on your UQRDM record page (see image 1). Choose a storage allocation that will not store identifiable human data (see image 2). Once this allocation is provisioned you will be able to share a link to the Progress Review files with your reviewers using the 'Share link' function described above.

Image 1

Image 2

Data management plans for HDRs

As you begin your HDR project, you will need to discuss with your supervisor the best way to plan and manage your data. An ideal way to do this is to create a data management plan

Follow our Data Management Plan Checklist for more tips, or contact

Thesis submission

Once you complete your final milestone - Progress Review 3, the Graduate School will mark you as being eligible for thesis submission:

  • Thesis Dashboard will appear when you login to UQRDM.
  • You will submit your thesis through the Thesis Dashboard.
  • You will be able to follow the progress of your thesis there.

If you cannot see the Thesis Dashboard, contact



Submitting your thesis

Prepare for submission:

  • You need to own an active UQRDM project record (created with your student login). Note if your record is still Pending Approval from your Principal Advisor, you will not be able to add Additional UQ Supervisors, ORCiD information will not appear either.
  • The project record should be marked as a HDR project record.
  • Your Principal Advisor should be the Lead Investigator on that record (how to set up a HDR project record).
  • Additional UQ advisors should be added as collaborators on your project record (how to add collaborators).
  • Ensure the project record is up to date and accurate (how to update your record metadata).
  • Have all research data related to your thesis project stored in UQRDM.
  • Finalise your thesis, turn the document into a PDF file.
  • Prepare the iThenticate report (in PDF format) and any supplementary documents (if applicable). Supplementary documents can be in any format.

Submit your thesis

  1. Click Thesis Dashboard in UQRDM.
  2. In the submission form, select the UQRDM project record related to your thesis that stores the data.
  3. Fill out the form. Some fields will be pre-filled with information you provided in the project record.
  4. Additional UQ supervisors can be added, but they need to be added as "collaborators" first on the project record. External supervisors cannot be added via UQRDM. Contact the Graduate School if you have an external advisor.
  5. Upload the thesis and supplementary files. It is recommended that multiple files be zipped and uploaded as a single supplementary file.  Note the maximum size for a file is 5GB.
  6. Click Submit.


Go to the Thesis Dashboard

Examination process

Your thesis will go to your principal advisor and then the Graduate School who will either approve the submission or request amendments.

Once approval has been received:

  • Your examiners will be assigned and your thesis will be sent to them for evaluation.
  • You will be notified of any action or changes required via email.
  • You might need to submit updated copy of your thesis multiple times, remove the old copy first before you submit the updated one.
  • You can follow the progress of your thesis through the Thesis Dashboard.

Final submission

Your thesis will be marked as passed at the end of the examination process. For final version submission, go to Thesis Dashboard submission form 

  1. add abstract
  2. add UQ Org unit, Thesis Type, additional supervisors if applicable, Field of research codes, Keywords, and Total pages
  3. remove the old version that is showing
  4. submit the final version of your thesis and any supplementary files

At this point, you will be asked if you have assigned your intellectual property to UQ. Ensure you discuss this with your Principal Advisor prior to submitting the final thesis. For thesis IP and embargo, see more information.

The final version of the thesis will go to your Principal Advisor and the Graduate School. They can either approve the final submission or request changes.




This is the final step. Once it's conferred, your thesis will be uploaded to UQ eSpace with appropriate access levels depending on the thesis embargo status.



Contact if you have any queries or any problems during Thesis Submission process.