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APA 6th referencing style

A guide to using the APA 6th referencing style.

Television program

Elements of the reference

Writer name(s) (Writer). (Year, month day). Title - italicised [Type of medium]. Place of broadcast: Name of broadcaster

In-text reference

(Bryant, 2001)

Bryant (2001) demonstrated that ....

Reference list

Bryant, B. (Writer). (2001, September 12). The Bryant medical hour [Television broadcast]. Sydney, Australia: Public Broadcasting Service.

EndNote reference type

Audiovisual material

In Date field, add Month Date

Add “Television broadcast” to the Type field.

Episode from television series

Elements of the reference

Episode writer's name - last name, initial(s) (Writer), & Director name - last name, initial(s). (Director). (Year). Title of television series episode [Television series episode]. In Executive producer - inital(s), last name (Executive producer), Television series name - itialicised. Place of Production: Producer.

In-text reference

(Writer's last name & Director's last name, Year)

(Rappaport & Dubin, 1983)

Rappaport and Dubin (1983) found that ....

Reference list

Rappaport, J. (Writer) & Dubin, C. S. (Director). (1983). Say no more [Television series episode]. In B. Metcalfe (Executive producer), M*A*S*H. Los Angeles, California: 20th Century Fox Television.

EndNote reference type

Book section

Include Writer's name and Director's name in Author field