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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

When and how can a record be updated?

 A UQRDM record can be updated at any time throughout the project, by the record owner or the UQ lead. Other UQ collaborators have read-only access to the record, and external collaborators do not have access. 

Once storage has been provisioned and the record is "active", additional fields will appear within the record. These include questions about "policies", "data storage and file formats", and "intellectual property, retention, and sharing". While it is not compulsory to complete these fields, they can aid HDR students and researchers in managing their research data across the research lifecycle (from project conception to publication and dissemination of results). 

You can update an active record by doing any of the following: 

1. Editing/adding more information to a record - e.g. adding information about what file formats and version control measures will be used throughout their project. 

2. Adding or removing collaborators - e.g. the UQ lead or owner can remove a collaborator from a project if they are no longer involved. 

3. Changing the record owner or UQ lead - e.g. this may change if the owner/UQ lead leaves UQ. For more information on what to do when people leave UQ, refer to this FAQ. 

Important information Note that all UQ collaborators on the record will have access to view provenance (record history) information - this includes every change that is made to the record (e.g. when a collaborator is removed or added). For security purposes, owners and leads are immediately sent email notifications when a new collaborator joins a project record. Owners and leads are also sent a weekly email containing provenance changes for all projects on which they are owners or leads. If no changes were made to the project record, no email will be sent.

Editing or adding more information

1. Click on the record that you wish to edit/add more information to.


2. Update the information that is required by clicking through the different sections (e.g. project information, policies, files and storage etc.) 

You will be prompted to click the "save" button if you have made changes to a section, and wish to move onto a different section. 

Note: If required, you can easily export this information into a PDF document. 

Removing collaborators

1. Click on the record that you wish to remove collaborators from. At the top of the page you will see a section entitled "Active collaborators". 

2. Click on the three dot button, to find the option to remove a collaborator. 

Note: You cannot remove the record owner or UQ lead without first removing them from this position and replacing them with someone else. 

You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to remove this collaborator. 

3. Once you have confirmed this, the collaborator will be automatically removed from the record.

Note: Once a collaborator is removed, they will be notified by email. The UQ lead and owner of the record will also be notified of this change within 24 hours. The collaborator/s that have been removed will no longer have access to the record and/or the storage. 

Adding collaborators

1. Select the record that you wish to add collaborators to, and click the "+" button in the collaborators section at the top of the page. 


2. Enter each collaborator's name and email address, and then click "invite collaborator". Once you have clicked this button, it will automatically add the person as a "pending collaborator" - meaning they will receive an email inviting them to join the record. 

Note: Any new collaborators will receive a link within the email to enable access to the storage (refer to Collaborator login for more information). The UQ lead and owner will always be notified by email when collaborators login and join the record. 

Changing the record owner or UQ lead

1. Click on the record that you wish to change the owner or lead on. At the top of the page you will see a section entitled "Active collaborators". 

2. Click on the three dot button next to the collaborator's name to find the option to change them to the owner or lead (note this option will only appear for UQ collaborators). 

Note: The old owner/old UQ lead and the new owner/new UQ lead are notified by email when this change occurs. The email to the new owner/UQ lead clearly outlines their responsibilities.