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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

Publish a dataset to UQ eSpace

Have you been asked to make your research data available? Maybe by a journal editor or a funding agency? UQRDM is designed to support you in sharing and publishing your data.

Currently we are in Beta phase of our new service to publish data records to UQ eSpace.  We are seeking interested researchers, who are about to submit manuscripts for publication, who may also want to create a record in UQ eSpace with details of datasets underpinning the publication. Contact if you would like to be involved.

Human or Animal Ethics information in your UQRDM record

​UQRDM now integrates seamlessly with UQ Human ethics and Animal ethics.

Adding your ethics approvals to your UQRDM research project record ensures you have a complete and streamlined workflow for your research data management information and documentation. 

Simply add the ethics information when you create a new UQRDM project record, or go back at any time and update your project record to include your ethics information.



Grants information in your UQRDM record

Approved funding and grants can now be added to your UQRDM project record. This feature forms an easy to use, streamlined workflow that keeps all your project information and research data manageable from a single point.

Project owners or project leads, can simply click on the 'Link Grants' button in their UQRDM project record and select from the dropdown menu of approved grants.