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UQ Research Data Manager

Provides information about how to use the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) to store and manage research data for research projects.

Remove inactive users

A new user status has been introduced for UQRDM project collaborators.  The new status is 'inactive user'.

An inactive user is a person that no longer has an active UQ account (the most common reason is that they have left UQ) and therefore cannot access any data or UQRDM storage due to not having a current UQ login.

Previously when this has happened, Project Owners and Leads did not have any visibility within the project record as to which of their collaborators may have left or be inactive.

Now, as an Owner or Lead, when you view your project record you will quickly see which of your collaborators are inactive, and can then remove them from the project record. 

In the event the person has left UQ, but is still actively working on the research, they can be added as an external collaborator.

Impact Tracker

Impact Tracker is an easy-to-use platform to help researchers to collect, store and organise evidence of their research impact and engagement activities.

When creating a UQRDM record, you can now request that a project be created in Impact Tracker. Information about the project title, description and field of research codes will be sent from the UQRDM project record to the newly created Impact Tracker record. Find out more on our Impact Tracker guide.

NOTE: Once an Impact Tracker is created for your project, any updates to the project in UQRDM will not be updated in Impact Tracker - you will need to make any further edits in Impact Tracker itself. See the Impact Tracker Training Hub for more details.

Thesis submission

UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) is UQ's recommended place to store all active research data.  From 2nd August 2021, HDR students will be able to submit their thesis through UQRDM.  After submission, students will be able to follow the progress of their thesis through the Thesis Dashboard at  For more information please see UQRDM Thesis Submission.  "How to" instructions can be found here.

Adding collaborators upgraded


It is now easier to add multiple collaborators to a project in UQRDM. Select 'Add collaborators'.

You can choose, and add to a record, any collaborators from your previous UQRDM project records. Using the 'Add from previous collaborators' feature, you can quickly select all the collaborators to be added, without typing individual emails. This speeds up the process, particularly where groups collaborate regularly on different projects.

For all other collaborators, it is still possible to add a person using the 'Add collaborator by email' button. Once they have joined the UQRDM project record, they can be added to other projects as a 'previous collaborator'.