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Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition

This is a short guide to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed)

Newspaper articles (printed)

The full AGLC4 rule for newspapers can be found at 7.11 on p 123.


Author 'Article title' Newspaper title (Place of publication, Full date) Pinpoint
Stephen Howard and Billy Briggs, 'Law Lords Back School's Ban on Islamic Dress', The Herald (Glasgow, 3 December 2006) 7.
  • Author
  • Article title
  • Newspaper title — full name including 'The' where it appears in the masthead
  • Place of publication
  • Date of publication
  • Pinpoint


  • Mark Fowler, 'Religious Freedom the Best Test of Democracy', The Australian (Sydney, 16 September 2016) 28.

Electronic newspapers

The full AGLC4 rule for Electronic newspapers can be found at 7.11.2 on p 124.


Author, 'Title', Newspaper  (online at Date) Pinpoint URL
Felicity Caldwell, 'Councillors Should be Banned from Receiving Developer Donations: CCC', Brisbane Times (online), (online at 4 October 2017)   <>
  • Author 
  • Article title
  • Newspaper title — italicised
  • Date of publication — full date preceded by online at, enclosed by parentheses 
  • URL — enclosed by point brackets


  • Antonio Garcia Martinez, 'Facebook's not Listening through your Phone. It Doesn't Have to', Wired (online at 10 November 2017 <>.