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Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition

This is a short guide to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed)

Journal articles

The full AGLC4 rule for journal articles can be found at rule 5 on p 91.


Author Title Year Volume (Issue number) Journal Page Pinpoint
Andrew Kenyon 'Problems with Defamation Damages?' (1998) 24(1) Monash University Law Review 70 , 74
  • Author — in order of appearance on the article, refer to rule 4.1 p 83
  • 'Article Title' — in single quotations, refer to rule 4.2 p 88
  • (publication year)
  • Volume number followed by (issue number). No space between volume and issue numbers
  • Journal — include the full title of the journal in italics, omitting The from the beginning, see 5.5 p 93
  • Starting page
  • Pinpoint — to pages (or paragraph numbers if necessary)


  • Gary Edmond, 'What Lawyers Should Know about the Forensic "Sciences"' (2015) 36(1) Adelaide Law Review 33, 34.
  • Matthew Groves, 'Empathy, Experience and the Rule Against Bias in Criminal Trials' (2012) 36(2) Criminal Law Journal 84.

Articles published in online journals

Journal articles which are only published online are cited with the same elements of a traditional article citation as far as they are available. See AGLC4 rule 5.10 p 96.