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Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition

This is a short guide to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed)

Parliamentary debates

The full AGLC4 rule for parliamentary debates can be found at 7.5.1 on p 115


Jurisdiction Title Chamber Full Date Pinpoint (Speaker)
Queensland Parliamentary Debates Legislative Assembly 22 April 2009 72 (Philip Reeves)


  • Commonwealth, Parliamentary Debates, House of Representatives, 9 May 2012, 4241 (Chris Bowen).

Parliamentary Papers, Committee reports, Bills Digests and Alerts Digests

The full AGLC4 rule for parliamentary papers, committee reports, Bills digest and alert digests can be found at 7.1.2 on p. 107.


Committee Legislature Title (Year) Pinpoint
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee, Parliament of Australia, Racial Discrimination Amendment Bill 2016 (2017) 3.


  • Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee, Parliament of Queensland, Review of the Crime and Corruption Commission (2016) 13.

Law reform commission publications

The full AGLC4 rule for law reform reports can be found at 7.1.4 on p. 108.


Name of Law Reform Commission Title Report/Discussion Paper  Number Year & month Pinpoint
Queensland Law Reform Commission, A Review of the Trusts Act 1973 (Report  No 71, 2013) 47


  • Victorian Law Reform Commission, The Role of Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process (Report, August 2016).