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Research impact evidence

Guide to finding research impact evidence that may be used in research impact statements


See who’s talking about your research and what they’re saying online with Altmetric

Altmetric (for researchers) enables you to monitor and track engagement with your research online by monitoring:

  • public policy documents
    What organisations have policy documents that cite your research? What aspects of your research are used to support the policy?
  • blogs 
    Are your papers mentioned in any influential blogs, either mainstream or relative to the field?
  • mainstream media
    Is your work being referred to by outlets with wide a wide audience or readership e.g. CNN or The Guardian?
  • social media (Twitter and Facebook)
    Are any thought leaders in your field commenting on, tweeting about or sharing your research output?
  • Wikipedia
    Is your work referred to as a secondary source in Wikipedia? Wikipedia is known to be a readily accessible source where people globally go to get a sense of a concept or idea, so your reference in Wikipedia may indicate influence on the particular topic.

Altmetric attention to your publications can be found by either:

Click the tabs (News, Blogs, Policy documents, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia) on the Altmetric Attention page for your research output to view the original comments and coverage

How to use Altmetrics (YouTube, 2m44s)

NB: your publication must contain a unique identifier to track attention

Plum Analytics

PlumX Metrics provide details of online interaction (including clinical and policy citations) with individual pieces of research output and is available for articles indexed in the SCOPUS and CINAHL database

To access PlumX Metrics:

  1. Search for your authored publications in Scopus. Consult this video on using Scopus to find your publications and track record metrics 
  2. Click the title of a paper
  3. Click View all metrics underneath the article title and author/s information 
  4. Click the View PlumX details button - this will take you to a screen where you can explore the details of its online attention