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Research impact evidence

Guide to finding research impact evidence that may be used in research impact statements

Are any patents citing your research?

Citations from patents to scholarly publications may provide evidence about the commercial influence of academic research.

PatCite can provide you with the details of any patent documents (such as Granted Patents, Patent Applications, Search Reports from over 95 jurisdictions) that have cited your work.

Enter or upload either the DOIs* (Digital Object Identifiers) or PMIDs (PubMed document identifier) of your publications on this page and click Submit Search.

You will be presented with Search Results (if patent documents have cited your work) detailing which publications have been cited and what the citing patent document. 

From this page you can explore the owners, applicants and inventors of patent documents citing your work by selecting the Analysis option to the right of the page. 

Watch Using PatCite (YouTube, 3m43s) to help guide your search for patent citations.


*To obtain a list of DOIs for your publications, either:

  • log in to UQ eSpace, go to My research and export results to an Excel File - column AG of the exported spreadsheet will contain the DOIs of your publications - which you can copy and paste to PatCite
    • if you have more than 20 outputs in UQ eSpace, select 100 from the Records per page dropdown before exporting
    • UQ eSpace will only export 100 output details at a time - if you have more than 100 outputs, you will have to do this process for each page of 100 outputs 
  • you may search for your publications in PubMed and send to a CSV from which you can copy and paste the PMID in to PatCite
  • you can also export a list of your publications with DOIs from Altmetric Explorer

Do you have patents? Are they being cited by other patents?

Search for your patent(s) in LENS.ORG to see details of patents that have cited your patents.

You can search for your patents by application number (Pubnum), inventor, title, owner or applicant.