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Research impact evidence

Guide to finding research impact evidence that may be used in research impact statements

Knowledge impact

New knowledge, demonstrating the benefits emerging from adoption, adaption or use of new knowledge to inform further research, and/or understanding of what is effective.
National Health and Medical Research Council

A note on which outputs to include evidence from:

When looking for evidence of your impact, you may need to restrict the analysis to the publications that directly relate to the impact claimed/described in the case study, this will vary depending on your career stage - e.g. senior researchers may restrict their analysis to a subset of their publications whereas early career researchers may include their entire publication listing.

Evidence of knowledge impact

Make sure you have an ORCID that is up-to-date and linked to UQ - see ORCID iD and researcher identifiers for instructions.

Recognition of research publications

Are your publications performing well (in terms of citations)?

What is your standing as a researcher?

What is your contribution to your research area?

Who is citing your publications? Where are they from (in terms of location and discipline area? Why are they citing your work?

Have you published in journals aimed at an audience beyond the scholarly community, such as the clinicians or practitioners or the general public?  Examples of this include:

  • The Conversation - look for your readership analytics
  • Publications issued by professional or accreditation bodies

Have you co-authored with any client or patient facing people (that may translate the research into practice)?

What is the reach and influence of your publications (in terms of online attention)?
Who is mentioning your work, where are they from and what are they saying?

Data Sharing

Do you have datasets publicly available - either in general repositories or discipline specific respositories?

Have any of your datasets been cited - this may strengthen its validity and significance?