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Research impact evidence

Guide to finding research impact evidence that may be used in research impact statements


Collaboration with entities who translate co-created research into their daily practice may reflect impact.

Entities may include, but are not limited to:

  • government departments
  • hospital researchers
  • clinicians

Finding collaboration evidence (via InCites)

1. Click the dropdown to the right of Analyze and click Organizations in InCites

2. Click the dropdown under Publication Date and select your required Time Period e.g. 2010 - 2020

3. Under Filters, click Organization Type, then search and select the collaboration entities you wish to display e.g. Government, Health, Corporate etc., then click Update results

4. Click Collaborations with People, select Unique ID and select ORCID - enter your ORCID number

5. Click Update Results


Co-authorship network


  1. From your Scopus Author Profile, click View list in search results format 
  2. Click Analyze search results
  3. Explore Documents by author and affiliation to view your co-authors and the affiliations of authors you are collaborating with and how many documents are listed with each entity 

Consult this video - Using Scopus to find your publications and track record metrics (Youtube, 3m23s) 

Web of Science

For a group of papers that you've authored, you can view the publications for the whole group by using the Analyse results feature. 

  1. Search Web of Science by your Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID unique identifier
    Note: If you have not yet set up a Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID account and added all of your publications to your profile, please see Build your profile
  2. Click Analyze Results
  3. Click Authors or Affiliations to explore your co-authors and the affiliation of authors you are collaborating with and how many documents are listed with each entity

Consult this video - Using Web of Science to find your publication and citing information (Youtube, 3m23s)