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Education -- Teaching

Finding information and resources for learning to teach in schools, levels K-12. This guide is aimed at UQ Education students, in the Queensland schools context.

Referencing styles

Referencing is the term used for the appropriate attribution of all the ideas and materials you use in writing an assignment.  There are numerous styles used, however the APA style is the most commonly used in Education courses.

Check with your course coordinator at the commencement of your course to see which one is best.

Referencing software

Referencing management software can be used to:

  • create an online database of references you have found
  • insert and format in-text citations in your essays or papers
  • generate automatic bibliographies in the style you require.

The Library offers an academic licence, support and training for EndNote for UQ students and staff.

Digital Essentials: Write, cite and submit

‚ÄčWrite, cite and submit — This Digital Essentials self-paced online module covers plagiarism (and how to avoid it), referencing and referencing styles, EndNote and submission requirements.

Additional referencing information

Referencing specific formats

Suggestions for citing these formats, if there is not an existing rule in your referencing style:

  • ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools:
    • Check whether you are permitted to use ChatGPT or other Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools prior to commencing your assignment.
    • If you use content from AI tools you must reference it or acknowledge it in accordance with course coordinator instructions or publisher policies.