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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list using Talis Aspire. Information on adding new items as Talis bookmarks.


FAQ topics

Access your list FAQs

How can I access Talis Aspire and find my course reading list? 

You can find your course reading list by following these steps: 

  1. Go to (you will be prompted to login)
  2. Search for the relevant course code.

If you still can’t find your list after following these steps, contact Learning Resources at

I’ve logged in and I still can’t find my list. What next? 

The Learning Resources team rolls over lists from the previous teaching period. If you have a new course, there may not be a course reading list available. Contact the Learning Resources team at and we can help you. 

I need help using Talis Aspire. 

Publish and update your course reading list guide has step-by-step instructions and videos on how to use Talis Aspire.

If you would prefer to get help from a Library staff member, contact

You can also request a training session for your School or work unit. Contact your Outreach Librarian to organise a session. 

Edit your list FAQs

I have accidentally deleted my section or item. Can it be retrieved?

Contact the Learning Resources team at and we can provide assistance.

Is it possible to copy a list from a previous teaching period?

Yes. Contact the Learning Resources team at

Can I use the same list for multiple course codes? 

The Learning Resources team can assist you with this. Please contact

Can I rename my list?

Lists should not be renamed. Consistent list titles help students locate course reading lists and are also important for system integrations.

Add new items FAQs

I've added an online resource. Why can't I see the online resource button in my reading list?

The View Online button will only appear if you have added an item with a web address and you have ticked the Online Resource checkbox. To find this checkbox, select the vertical ellipsis on the far right of your reading list, and choose edit.

The Library does not have the resource I need. How can I order it?

Can I add links to Westlaw, ClinicalKey, Factiva or Harvard Business Review?

Not all databases will allow direct linking to articles, and some will have specific instructions to do. For items in these databases, we recommend manually creating a Talis bookmark and including as much bibliographic information as possible. During the review process, the Learning Resources team will add links where possible. Contact the Learning Resources team at for assistance.

Can I add scanned or PDF copies of a reading to my list?

The Library has an e-preferred access policy. We automatically link to or purchase online items or digitise content where allowed under copyright. If you would like online access to a print item on your list, email or add a Note for Library.


Talis Aspire helps the University ensure copyright compliance by keeping track and storing copied material from across the University. It also performs copyright compliance checks against other files in the system and notifies the Library if it detects that copyright limits have been compromised.

The Library reports to the Copyright Agency (CAL) on the use of copyright materials, using the information stored in Talis to create reports. The use of Talis removes the copyright risk of loading files directly into Blackboard.

When the Library provides access to digitised material within Talis, a copyright notice must be included.

Publish your list FAQs

My students can’t see the changes I’ve made

You must publish your reading list each time you make any changes or edits for them to be made live and visible to your students. The Learning Resources team regularly checks for changes that have not been published and will publish any they uncover.

Link to Learn.UQ FAQs

My course reading list is not appearing via the Blackboard course reading list link. 

The course reading list link in the Learning Resources area of your course site launches an integration tool called an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). The LTI will only find and link to published lists. Check that your list has been published.  

If your list has been published and the link is still not there, try adding the link again.