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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list. Information on how to use lists with EndNote. Understand copyright requirements and compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a required textbook for more than one subject?

Answer: Yes, ensure you notify the Library Learning Resources team by emailing, so that we can provide an equitable amount of resources for our students in line with our Collection Management Policy.

The eBook bookmark is not displaying as an online resource

Answer: The bookmark may have identified the ISBN of the physical item instead of the eBook.  It is also possible that the online resource button may not have been activated or is unable to be activated. For additional support in such cases email

I've added an online resource. Why can't I see the online resource button in my reading list?

Answer: The View Online button will only appear if you have added an item with a web address and you have ticked the Online Resource checkbox. To find this checkbox, select the vertical ellipsis on the far right of your reading list, and choose edit.

I'm new to UQ. Where can I get help with creating my reading list?

Answer: Welcome! Provided you have access to UQ systems and sufficient time, contact the Faculty Services Librarians for some training on how to publish your reading list. If you need help urgently, email your requirements for your reading list to

Is it possible to use the previous semester's list? When will it be available to me?

Answer: Yes, reading lists are rolled over from previous semesters. This is done by the Library roughly four months prior to the start of the teaching period. We send reminder emails to academic staff when their lists are ready to edit.

I have accidentally deleted my section or item. Can it be retrieved?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the deletion of a section or item in your reading list. If you previously bookmarked the item/s, however, you can quickly reinstate the item/s by selecting add resource and looking in your recently bookmarked items. If you need help with this, email

The Library does not have the resource I need. How can I order it?

What browser can I use?

Answer: It is recommended you use either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

How can I add links to Westlaw, ClinicalKey and Factiva?

Answer: Not all databases will allow direct linking to articles, and some will require specific instructions to allow this.

 See Additional bookmark processing for instructions to add articles from these and other popular databases.

I can’t see the changes I've made

When edits to a reading list are complete, you must publish your reading list for any changes to be made live. The Learning Resources team regularly checks for changes that have not been published and will publish any they uncover.

Error message when publishing a reading list

Sometimes when adding a bookmark and publishing the list an error screen appears. The easiest way to correct this is to open another internet browser, open Talis & ensure you are logged in, then continue.

You may need to log out of this screen before logging back in. Open the Talis bookmark page again with the error message and refresh the page.

Error 404 not found

This is a standardised Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code message indicating the server could not be found. You will need to refresh your internet browser's cache to rectify this. This will delete the stored website information and may result in your issue being fixed. Refreshing your cache regularly also helps to protect your privacy.

For more information on web browser types see our Internet Essentials page.

Can I use a reading list for more than one subject?

Answer: Yes you can.