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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list using Talis Aspire. Information on adding new items as Talis bookmarks.

What you can edit

You can use Talis to:

  • arrange resources
  • set priorities (Importance) e.g.Required or Recommended
  • customise headings, sections and notes for students.

Move readings

Drag items

Use the drag option to structure your list and add further resources to the correct position. 

Edit item menu

1. Click on Edit item menu (three vertical dots on right).

Edit item menu option in Talis

  1. Select either Move up or Move down to change the position of a resource.

Note that deleting an item or section is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Set the reading Importance

Each reading must have an Importance set. This indicates if it is required, required - own copy, recommended or further.

This helps students navigate your list and School Locker with purchasing the relevant required textbooks.


Students must read these to understand course content.

Required - own copy Reading importance setting menu options

Students must read these to understand course content and will need to obtain their own copy.

Add a Note for Students to indicate why own copy is needed e.g. "Required for open book exam". 


Students are advised to read these specific texts to supplement core reading.


Help to broaden and deepen understanding on topics covered by the course.

Set Importance

  1. Click on Importance not set menu next to a reading.
  2. Select the relevant Importance.
  3. This can be changed at any time.

If you do not set the Importance, the reading will display this in red text in the Publisher view, but will display nothing in the Student view. 

Note for students

Notes may be used to provide additional guidance about an item. 

  • Talis Note for students iconNote for students

These are used to advise of chapter or specific page numbers to be read.

Example of a Note to students in the Student view

Add a note

  1. Click on Edit item menu (three dots) and select Note for students.
  2. Add your note.

Note for Library

  • Note for Library is only visible to staff with list editing permission.
  • They are used by Library staff to communicate while a list is under review. Other staff can also use it to as working notes or to communicate with Library staff.
  • It uses Talsi Note for Library iconNote for Library.

Example of a Note to Library


You can organise your list into different sections eg. by week, by assessment task.

Add a section

  1. Hover over a reading where you'd like to add your section.
  2. A blue border with Add Resource, Add Paragraph, Add Section will appear.

  1. Click Add Section. Add the details for your section eg. Week One for the title.
  2. Click Save.

Add a reading to a section

  1. You can add existing readings by dragging them to the section, using the Drag option.

Drag option in Talis

  1. If a reading isn't currently in the list, hover over the section and click Add Resource.
  2. Select the reading and click Save.

Delete a section

Important  All readings in the section will be deleted from the list. The readings should stay in the My Bookmarks list.

  1. Click on Edit section menu (three vertical dots on right of section title).
  2. Choose Delete.

Remove an item

  1. Click on Edit item menu (three vertical dots on right).

Edit item menu option in Talis

  1. Click Delete.
  2. A warning message will appear. Click Delete.

Screenshot of Delete Item confirmation window

Click on image for larger version