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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list using Talis Aspire. Information on adding new items as Talis bookmarks.

Steps to add new items

Any new items must have a bookmark record. This is then used to add a reading to your list.

Course reading lists in Talis Aspire are rolled over each semester so the readings previously used will already be included.

To add new items, you need to:

  1. Locate the reading through the Library Search or on a website.
  2. Create a bookmark (item record) in Talis Aspire using Talis Aspire tools: Talis browser extension (preferred) or Add a New Bookmark button in your browser Bookmarks or Favourites bar.
  3. Add the bookmark (item record) of the reading to your list.
  4. Move the reading to relevant location or section in your list if needed.

Add bookmark tools

  The Talis Aspire browser extension is the preferred method to create bookmarks.

Add Talis bookmark browser extension

Visit Installing and using a bookmarklet extension for instructions on adding the browser extension to Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Note: It is not recommended for use on mobile devices.

Add to My Bookmarks button

  1. Click on My Bookmarks in Talis Aspire.
  2. Click on Install Bookmark Button. 

Options in the Talis software including the button "Install Bookmark Button".

  1. Follow the steps in the window that appears. Drag the Add to My Bookmark button to your bookmarks (or favourites) toolbar.
  2. It should appear in your web browser bookmarks (or favourites) toolbar as Add to My Bookmarks.

Add to My Bookmarks button in bookmark toolbar

Create a bookmark (item record)

  1. Ensure you have the bookmark tools installed.
  2. Open the resource you want to use in your browser.
  3. Click on Add to My Bookmarks in your Bookmarks (or Favourites) toolbar or the Talis Aspire browser extension
  4. The page with the item details will load. The information can be edited here or later on from My Bookmarks or when you add the bookmark to a reading list.

A screenshot of the Talis iframe bookmark resource metadata

Click on the image for a larger version (opens in a new tab). 

  1. You can check that the metadata is correct and complete. Library staff will review the metadata.
  2. Click Create. The bookmark is added to your My Bookmarks

Metadata sub-page pop-up indicating the Create button.

  For more information see Bookmarking from a range of sources.

Add a Resource option

  1. In your list, hover where you'd like to add an item.
  2. Click on Add a resource.

Add resource option in Talis

  1. It will list any items you've bookmarked. Select the one you want to use.
  2. It will be added to your list.

Add existing list item to My Bookmarks

Important  If you are new to Talis Aspire and working on an existing reading list, items in that list may not be in your My Bookmarks area. 

You can add items on a reading list to My Bookmarks.

Create a bookmark from an existing item

1. Click on the Edit item menu (three vertical dots) on the item you wish to create a bookmark.

Screenshot of Edit item menu option for Add to bookmarks

3. Select Add to My Bookmarks. The item will be added to your My Bookmarks.

4. Go to My Bookmarks. You item should now be listed.