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MKTG7502 - Strategic Branding: Get started

This guide has been created to support your Brand Strategy Audit assessment in MKTG7502 Strategic Branding


In this guide, you will find resources to help with your Brand Audit Project.

It includes helpful tips on:

Market research

Secondary market research is research that has already been collected. It will help you gain an initial understanding of your market and may be:

  • existing data compiled by an organisation
  • case studies prepared on key businesses, markets or industries
  • demographic and statistical information (eg. census data)
  • commercial industry or market reports

Primary market research involves collecting raw data and may include

  • focus groups
  • surveys
  • questionaries
  • interviews or
  • observations

Background reading - Know your topic

Before you delve too deeply into your assessment, do some background reading to become more familiar with the task and the topic. Consult

  • Lectures and tutorial notes
  • Textbook
  • Reference materials such as marketing dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks (see below)

Once you have a solid core understanding of your task and topic, investigate other secondary sources such as those featured in the remaining tabs in this guide.

Reference materials