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Digital Research Notebooks

Use Digital Research Notebooks, via the UQ Research Data Manager system, to organise, store, curate and share all your project's research or laboratory data including working documents, images, observations, and data in any format.

About UQRDM Digital Research Notebooks

Digital Research Notebooks Logo

Digital Research Notebooks (DRNs) are a UQ wide digital solution that replaces paper based research notebooks and lab notebooks.

Provisioned via the UQ Research Data Manager (RDM)  system, it allows you to organise, store, curate and share all your project's research or laboratory data including working documents, lab notes, images, observations, and data in any format. Beyond the data itself, this could include protocols, meetings templates, study designs, SOPs and inventory.  It does not replace UQRDM as the primary file server storage for research data, it enhances your work processes and practices.

UQ's DRNs use the LabArchives platform, ensuring your project's data can be managed from a single point, on multiple devices, and from anywhere.


Key Features

  • Data Management  – you are able to manage and organise all of your project's research data and information in one place, using an intuitive and flexible structure.
  • Searchable –  DRNs can be searched by keywords or tags and even by the contents of files.
  • Sharing – data can be accessed by your research group and collaborators, while you retain control over what is shared.
  • IP protected – intellectual property is protected with third party data and timestamps.
  • Data security – data is securely stored in Australia,  and full historical versions of every file are retained and retrievable. 
  • Portability – the cloud-based platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime from both iOS and Android devices.
  • Seamless – files, photos and documents can be moved directly into DRNs and stored. DRNs are integrated with existing research data workflows and infrastructure.

About LabArchives

LabArchives is a secure, cloud based collaborative research data management and electronic laboratory notebook platform. Adopted by many Go8 universities it is now part of the UQRDM suite of research data management services.  

The Lab Archives DRN is suitable for research across all disciplines at UQ, and provides secure storage based in Australia. You can access your project's data from anywhere, including in the field, via mobile apps for Android and Apple.

LabArchives is integrated with many tools used by UQ researchers including Microsoft Office, ChemDoodle (for chemical sketching), GraphPad Prism, Vernier Logger Pro, Google Docs, allowing you to work and save these directly within the DRN environment.  The tools also allow you to write mathematical equations and download machine generated data using Folder Monitor function.

Data and security

The Digital Research Notebook is approved for UQ research data. Before using the service, review your data, its classification, and any sharing requirements to determine if the DRN is right for you.  Use the following table as a guide, and refer to Data@UQ for more information as well as the UQ Research Data Management Policy.

Data Storage Features supported by DRN
Feature         DRN supports
Storage type Day-to-day to long term
Primary storage use           Research data and documentation
Information security classification


Official - Internal



Stored in Australia Yes
Back up/Retention Yes (permanent)
Syncing with local copy Yes, in some cases


Internal (within UQ) collaborator access


External collaborator access


Storage Limit

1 TB

Version Control


Recovery from deletion


File size limits


Security and Research Integrity

  • All data is securely stored in Australia and is accessible via the cloud. UQ DRN's provider LabArchives utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all its infrastructure needs including networks, firewalls, computing, storage, database, etc.  Information on AWS compliance details.  
  • Complete historical versions of every entry and activity in the DRN is retained and retrievable, even after deletion.  It forms an immutable record of your research and lab activity.
  • All entries record the date, time and username which is kept for auditability and ensuring responsible conduct of research.
  • Signing and witnessing of pages in the notebook is enabled for additional protections. Once a page is signed with a witness, it is permanent and cannot be changed, added to or edited in any way.