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Digital Research Notebooks

Use Digital Research Notebooks, via the UQ Research Data Manager system, to organise, store, curate and share all your project's research or laboratory data including working documents, images, observations, and data in any format.

Steps to activate your account

When you are added to a notebook for the first time via UQRDM, you should receive an email from LabArchives instructing you to activate your account.   

You must complete this process to be able to access your notebook. You will not receive this email for future notebooks that you are added to, and failure to activate will limit your access. 


Note:   HDR students with both staff and student accounts will receive TWO (2) activation emails: one in their student email and one in their staff email. Please make sure you use the right Authenticate credentials (staff login for staff account and student login for student account) to activate your LabArchives account.

1. Click on the link in the activation email. This will take you to the sign-in page. 
2. In the "Sign in through your Institution" drop down menu, select University of Queensland.  **Do not sign in using the email only field


3. You will be redirected to the UQ login page. 
4. After inputting your institutional credentials, you will be brought to a LabArchives screen with the options "I have an existing LabArchives account already" and "I do not have a LabArchives account and need to create or activate one".
5. Select "I do not have a LabArchives account and need to create or activate one".
6. Input your email address with for staff, or for students, in the box that appears and click "Create New account". (Note: for students who add their staff account as a collaborator in UQRDM record, they need to login to LabArchives using their staff email to activate.  They will then have two accounts associated with the notebook they requested, and they can use either to login.
7.  When asked "Do you want to create a new LabArchives account and link with your credentials?" click "Yes".

After this, your account will be connected to UQ's authentication system. Log in to LabArchives using your UQ ID and Password, and you will be brought directly to your notebook.