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Publish a dataset with UQRDM and UQ eSpace

Helpful guide on how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace

Publishing process

  • Login to UQRDM ( and click on your project record to open the dashboard.  Using the tool bar in the top left, click on "Publish a dataset to UQ eSpace. 
  • This will start the process of publishing your dataset.  If this option does not appear, you are not a Project Owner or Lead.  Contact the Owner/Lead to discuss publishing.

Work through these simple steps to get your research data published. You can click on any of the options from 1 to 5 at any time to complete the submission.



  Dataset Details

Enter your dataset details. This information will appear in the published UQ eSpace record.

  • Add a dataset name or dataset title. It should be descriptive and unique to aid discoverability.
  • Enter a description of the dataset. This will help other users understand what data you have and how it can be used.
  • Add the types of data or file types being deposited.
  • Enter a project name and project description (if you already have this in your Project Record it will be automatically filled).
  • Add FOR codes if they have not been automatically filled from your Project Record.
  • Provide any information on publications (including forthcoming) that relate to the dataset.
  • Click through to the next section - Dataset Contact and Creators


  Dataset Contact and Creators
  • Check the details relating to the primary contact for the dataset and any creators of the dataset.  This information will appear on the UQ eSpace record.  The details are drawn from your Project Record.  If they are not correct you will need amend the details in the Project Record.
  • Use the checkboxes to remove any collaborators who should not be listed as a dataset creator in the published UQ eSpace record.
  • Click through to the next section - Folder Selection


  Folder Selection
  • All folders in your project storage allocation will be presented.  Select only the folder with the data you wish to publish.
  • Click through to the next section - Access and Licensing


   Access and Licensing


5  Confirm and Publish

You are now ready to publish your dataset. If you need to make any changes you can go back or click on any section using the numbered trail at the top of the screen. If you are happy with the data and metadata to be published to eSpace:

  • Check and agree to the deposit agreement.
  • Click on 'Publish your dataset'
  • Do not attempt to access your files during the submission and packaging process.  Access will be restored when this process is complete.
  • A DOI will be minted for your dataset. You will receive and email advising you of the DOI associated with your dataset. UQ researchers are encouraged to include the citation and DOI for their data in any reference lists.
  • The UQ Library Research Data Services Team will review and curate the metadata that has been submitted. When your dataset is approved and published in eSpace you will be notified by email.