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Publish a dataset with UQRDM and UQ eSpace

Helpful guide on how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace

Prepare a dataset for publishing

Create a folder and save the files to be published in the folder

  • Login to your UQRDM storage either via the cloud or the mapped R drive
  • Create a sub-folder and save the data files to be published in this folder.  Make sure only the data files you wish to publish are in the folder.  Do not zip up the files.  UQRDM will package up and create the dataset from this sub-folder. 


Things need to consider

To publish the datasets stored in UQRDM in UQ eSpace, you need to be aware of the following:  

  1. UQ eSpace accepts datasets that are open access or mediated access only.
  2. Only UQRDM Project Record Owners and Project Leads can publish the datasets.
  3. Do not proceed until you have read the Dataset Deposit Checklist, and have the right authority to publish the dataset.
  4. Complete all fields in the UQRDM project record, and ensure the information is up to date.
  5. The published dataset, once packaged, will be stored in a location external to your storage.  The original files and folders used to create the dataset (the dataset researchers put in the folder to be published) will still be able to be accessed and worked on, when the publication process is complete.  Any changes to the folder or files used to create the dataset, post dataset creation, will not be copied to the published dataset.
  6. If you want to make any changes to the published dataset, you need to go through the Create a dataset process again, and a different DOI will be assigned to the edited, updated dataset.  This newly created dataset will become another version of the 'original' dataset.

Publishing a dataset implies you are prepared to share either all or part of that data with others, under certain conditions.  If you do not intend to provide access to your dataset, including at any time in the future, DO NOT publish your data.  This will be considered a 'closed dataset'.  Closed datasets are not suitable for UQ eSpace.  You can archive the data in UQRDM.

Please email for assistance.