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Publish a dataset with UQRDM and UQ eSpace

Helpful guide on how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace

Prepare the dataset

To publish the datasets stored in UQRDM in UQ eSpace, you need to be aware of the following:  

  1. Only UQRDM Project Record Owners and Project Leads can publish the datasets.
  2. Review the Dataset Deposit Checklist to ensure you are authorised to publish the dataset.
  3. Complete all fields in the project record, and ensure the information is up to date.
  4. Create a new folder in R: drive or on the cloud. Save the data files to be published in this folder, and make sure only the data files you wish to publish are in the folder.  Do not zip up the files.  UQRDM will package up and create the dataset from this folder. 
  5. You will have no direct access to the dataset once it has been published. If you want to continue working on any files, consider publishing them at a later time or make a copy of the files saved elsewhere in R: drive or on the cloud.
  6. If you want to make any changes to the published dataset, you need to go through the Create a dataset process again, and a different DOI will be assigned to the edited dataset.  This newly created dataset will become another version of the 'original' dataset.

Please email for assistance.

Create a dataset (for publication)

  Log in to UQRDM, and open the relevant project record. You will see the project dashboard.  Scroll down to 'Datasets'.

  Click on the  button.  Dataset information page will appear.

  Select the folder you wish to publish and deposit.  Click Next.

  Enter the details of your dataset. This information will be published in the UQ eSpace record.

       4.1   Add a dataset name or title. It should be descriptive and unique.

       4.2   Enter a description of the dataset.

       4.3   Add the types of data files being deposited.

       4.4  Select your preferred Access Conditions from the drop down box, either Open Access or Mediated Access.

       4.5  Apply a licence to guide people how to use and cite your dataset.

  Complete the form with your project details, and link it to any related publications in UQ eSpace. This information will be displayed in the UQ eSpace record. Check and agree to the deposit agreement.  Then click Next.

  You now have an opportunity to review the information that will be published to UQ eSpace.  Open the link  to "Review your project record metadata'  and check the additional information being extracted from your UQRDM project record. 

If you wish to change any of this information, exit the dataset process and return to your UQRDM project record to amend the information.  Begin the 'create dataset process' only when you have updated your project record, and the metadata is correct.

  Click Submit dataset, or if you would like to edit the record, click Previous.

  Once the dataset is submitted, a DOI will be minted for your dataset. You will receive an email advising you that your dataset record is being reviewed and prepared for publishing in UQ eSpace, and that a DOI has been created for your dataset. 

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Screenshot for Step 4

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Image capture of Step 5

Screenshot for Step 6 and Step 7

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