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Chicago 17th edition notes and bibliography

Footnotes and Bibliography for the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition

Citing multimedia

Treat indexed scenes in films like a chapter and cite by title or by number. Commentary on a DVD is cited by author and title. Cite the date of the commentary rather than the original film date if these are different. 

Mention the details of live performances in the text and notes rather than the bibliography. Include as many details of the performance as required to identify the performance such as the name and location of the venue and the date of the performance.

For works consulted online, add a URL.

Video and film

Elements of citation

Creator -- Title: subtitle (in italics) -- Additional Information e.g. other contributors, date, location -- Publisher -- Medium -- Other relevant information -- URL (if consulted online)


52. Jonathan King, dir., Black Sheep (Surry Hills, N.S.W.: Icon Home Entertainment, 2007), DVD Video, 82 min.

53. DanimalLawlz, "Jason Alexander Teaches Larry David How to Play George", 8 December 2012, Youtube video, 2:45,  


DanimalLawlz. "Jason Alexander Teaches Larry David How to Play George." 8 December 2012. Youtube video, 2:45. 

King, Jonathan, dir. Black Sheep. Surry Hills, N.S.W.: Icon Home Entertainment, 2007. DVD Video, 82 min.

Endnote reference type

When citing a video or film use 'Audiovisual Material'. Place information on the duration of the work in 'Extent of Work' and the format in 'Type'.

When citing an online video use 'Online Multimedia'. Place duration of the video in 'Type of Work' like "Youtube video, 2:45".  Place the URL in 'URL' rather than 'Short URL' or 'Embed URL'.

Live performances

Elements of citation

Title: subtitle -- Creator(s) details --  Location -- Date.


54. Tommy, music and lyrics by Pete Townshend, dir. Des McAnuff, chor. Wayne Cilento, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego, Cal., 1 July 1992.


Do not include.

Endnote reference type

No readily corresponding reference type.