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Chicago 17th edition notes and bibliography

Footnotes and Bibliography for the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition

Citing artworks

Information about paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other works of art can usually be presented in the text rather than in a note or bibliography.

If a note or bibliography entry is needed, list the artist, a title (in italics), and a date of creation or completion, followed by information about the medium and the location of the work.

For works consulted online, add a URL.

One author

Elements of citation

Artist -- Title: subtitle -- Date -- Medium -- Location -- URL


1. Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of Memory, 1931, oil on canvas, 9½ × 13″ (24.1 × 33 cm), Museum of Modern Art, New York,


Dali, Salvador. The Persistence of Memory. 1931, oil on canvass, 9½ × 13″ (24.1 × 33 cm). Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Endnote reference type

The Artwork reference type in Endnote does not accurately reflect Chicago 17th ed. Avoid using. Add manually.