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Create accessible content

Learn how to make your content accessible and why it is important

Clear and simple language

Use simple and clear language where possible.

Use headings that have meaning and that inform the reader about that section of the content. This ensures it is accessible to clients who are from non-English speaking backgrounds and those who have a learning disability.

Descriptive links

When linking to additional content, use descriptive language that informs the reader of where the link is taking them and why. Avoid “Click here” or "here". 

For example:

Visit Web accessibility perspectives: clear layout and design - audio described version (YouTube, 1m53s)

Read Making the Web accessible for more information.

Open EndNote 20: Getting started for Windows (PDF, 1.1MB)

How to create descriptive links

Visit Creating accessible links in Word (Microsoft video, 2m9s) (transcript available).

Screenshot of Create accessible links in Word title screen of video of same name

Note: To turn on close captions, use the close captions icon on the bottom right of video screen.

Screenshot of Captions icon in Microsoft media player