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Publish a dataset with UQRDM and UQ eSpace

Helpful guide on how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace

Dataset dashboard

The dataset dashboard can be found in UQRDM using the My Datasets link.  It gives researchers an overview of all the datasets they have published to UQ eSpace.

1. Log in to UQRDM.

2. Click on My Datasets. You will see a list of all the datasets you have published. 

From the My Datasets page you can:

  • Access the UQ eSpace record for a dataset,
  • Download a dataset and
  • View the status of any datasets awaiting to be published.

3.  Click on an individual dataset record to open the Dataset Dashboard. You can then:

  • Link back to the original project record in UQRDM,
  • Check details of any licenses for re-use of a dataset,
  • View details of authorised users of a dataset,
  • Manage access rights for a dataset,
  • Add or remove approved users to or from a dataset,
  • Add new dataset owner details, in the event that the original dataset owner leaves UQ and
  • View a detailed access log showing when datasets have been downloaded


Add a new dataset owner

A dataset owner is an authorized user who has rights to manage the dataset record in UQRDM, including adding authorised users for the purpose of sharing datasets,  assigning a new owner to the dataset record, and managing access to any mediated datasets by other researchers. Dataset owners must be a UQ employee.

In the event that a dataset owner leaves UQ, a new owner must be assigned to the dataset. This ensures that ongoing access rights and permissions can be managed in accordance with legal, policy and integrity requirements.

  1. To add a new owner (i.e. Authorised User), the existing dataset owner logs in to UQRDM and navigates to the relevant dataset record. 
  2. Click Add User
  3. Click Copy URL.  Send this URL to the UQ researcher you wish to add as a user or new dataset owner.
  4. The new owner will click on the URL link they receive in the email, and request access to the dataset.
  5. The incoming request to access the dataset will appear in the dashboard. 'Access Requests' will appear in red when there is a pending request.
  6. From the dashboard, click on Access requests.  If you wish to make the researcher the new owner of the dataset, select Grant access and in the pop up options, select Permanent Access.  Click on Grant access.
  7. You will now see an updated list of Authorised Users in your dashboard. Click on Make Owner on the line associated with the newly added researcher and confirm your selection.  This will make the added, authorised user the owner of the dataset record, with ongoing permanent access to the dataset.
  8. The new dataset owner will receive an email advising them they are now the current dataset owner. The new dataset owner now has all rights to manage the dataset and may log in using their UQ credentials.


screen capture of add user dialog box


image capture of pending access request




Remove access

The dataset owner (usually the UQRDM project owner or project lead) can remove a user at any time. This will permanently remove any access they may have had to the dataset.

To remove a user from a dataset:

  1. Log in to UQRDM. Go to My Datasets in the navigation pane.
  2. Click on the relevant dataset name, and open the Dataset Dashboard.
  3. Find the name of the user whose access you wish to remove and click on Remove.
  4. If you are happy to remove the user, click on Confirm