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Open educational resources (OER)

Find, create and evaluate OER materials, available to legally and freely copy, such as ebooks, images, audio, video and software. Understand copyright and Creative Commons (CC) licences.

Find open software

Open software is released under a free software license, often the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

This page lists some key open software used in education. See a more comprehensive list of all GNU software packages.

3D Modelling

Data visualisation and infographics

Image editing


Find apps

There are many free educational apps available in iTunes app store and Google Play app store.

Recommended apps to download from your app store onto your device:

  • TED - explore TED Talks content
  • Khan Academy - learn math, science, economics, history, and  more
  • Padlet - a digital canvas to create projects that are easy to share and collaborate on.