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Open educational resources (OER)

Find, create and evaluate OER materials, available to legally and freely copy, such as ebooks, images, audio, video and software, to use in teaching, courses and MOOCs. Understand copyright and Creative Commons (CC) licences.

Using open educational resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) can be used by others (shared, downloaded, modified), as long as any licence conditions are followed and the original creator is credited.

See the Creative Commons section for information on the different licence types that can be applied to OERs and how this effects the use of the resource.

See the Copyright section for an overview of copyright and how it applies to OERs.


Image credit: Original by WMF, character extracted by User:Yuriy Bulka, Sharing-Character, size, CC BY-SA 3.0

Tools with guidance on creating and using OERs