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Open educational resources (OER)

Find, create and evaluate OER materials, available to legally and freely copy, such as ebooks, images, audio, video and software. Understand copyright and Creative Commons (CC) licences.

Finding open educational resources (OER)

You can search for a particular type of OER or use search tools or collections.

Even though a resource or collection is not listed in this guide it may still be open. Check the licence statement on the resource to find out how it can be used. Often OER will have a Creative Commons licence.

Library Search

Library Search has an option to limit your results to open access.

  1. Go to Library Search
  2. Enter your search terms
  3. Click Search
  4. On the results page, select the Open Access filter
  5. Click Apply Filters.

You can also limit to particular Content types, such as book, video, images, audio and more.

Search curated and organised collections

Search these Open Educational Resource (OER) collections for different types of OERs.

Google Advanced Search

Google advanced search allows you to limit to content published under an open license:

  1. Go to Google Advanced Search
  2. Under usage rights select one of the free to use options