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Veterinary Science

Key resources for veterinary science.


 Use these databases to find journal articles:

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Find books on Veterinary Science in the Gatton Library at these call numbers:

SF756.5-769.5      Preclinical sciences

SF780.2-780.7      Veterinary microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology

SF780.9                Veterinary epidemiology, epizootiology

SF781                   Communicable diseases of animals

SF810                   Veterinary parasitology

SF811                   Veterinary medicine

SF910                   other diseases and conditions

SF910.5                Veterinary orthopedics

SF911-914.4        Veterinary surgery

SF914.4               Veterinary traumatology and emergencies

SF915-919.5        Veterinary pharmacology

SF925                  Veterinary medicine

SF951-997.5        Diseases of special classes of animals

QH1-QP                Animals

SF1-SF600           Animal production

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