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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

Ensure your teaching curriculum and reading lists represent the diverse student voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

About this page

There are many services and resources within UQ that are worth considering when looking to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your teaching, learning and research.

We have listed some links below to relevant resources. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are not limited to the examples and categories listed.

Fryer Library

The Fryer Library, located on the St Lucia Campus, has a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander items in their collection. Contact the Fryer Library to arrange a meeting and consider if any items may be useful to enrich the learning experiences in your courses.

Fryer resources include:

As part of The University of Queensland's NAIDOC Festival 2020, Professor Tracey Bunda, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips and Mia Strasek-Barker, the Library's Reconciliation Action Plan Officer, discussed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander materials from the Fryer collections.

Watch the video for a discussion of three items from Fryer Library collections. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this video contains names of deceased persons.

First Nations perspectives on Indigenous collections (YouTube, 42m55s)


Of particular relevance in BlackWords:

UQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network

Build a relationship with the UQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network.

It is open to all Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff at UQ. There is also a network newsletter that promotes UQ jobs, training and development opportunities and useful tips, and enables a platform to share achievements from the community. Subscribe to the newsletter for further insights and beneficial information to course content or sharing more broadly.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

The Library has embarked on a project to increase access and visibility of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources in our collections. Increasing the discovery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander materials with varying perspectives has the potential to contribute to the educational experience of all UQ students. 

UQ students and staff will be able to search 10 curated collections that contribute to truth-telling. Embedding and increasing access to these perspectives will help students to have a more accurate and richer understanding of Australia’s history and culture, supporting a more reconciled Australia. 

Austlang codes in UQ Library Search and eSpace

Austlang is the thesaurus of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, that supports archives, libraries, galleries and other agencies to identify materials or projects in or about Indigenous Australian languages and peoples, without the confusion of a multitude of language names and spellings. It is created and maintained by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).

UQ Library has begun to include Austlang language codes in our Library Search records to help people narrow their searches to material that is in a certain Australian Indigenous language. This work is ongoing and a focus moving forward as AustLang contains the following information about each Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language:

  • Alternative/variant names and spellings
  • A comment about the language variety from referenced sources
  • Geographical location from referenced sources
  • Authority headings for languages and peoples
  • Links to MURA the AIATSIS catalogue and OZBIB a curated bibliography (up to 2013).
  • Links to Trove, Worldcat, Tindale, OLAC, SIL
  • Programs and people involved in language maintenance and revival
  • History of the number of speakers
  • Documentation scores for known word lists; text collections; grammars; audio-visual resources (up to 2007)
  • Classifications from various linguistic surveys 1966−2005.

Anthropology Museum

The UQ Anthropology Museum is located on the St Lucia Campus and cares for a significant collection of art and artefacts including contemporary Pacific and Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork.

The Museum also holds a collection of 6500 photographs that may be of interest for course work. Throughout different periods they also hold exhibitions and offer space access etc. which may be beneficial.

University of Queensland Press

UQP is one of Australia’s leading publishing houses. Established in 1948 as a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Queensland, UQP has consistently produced culturally significant works across genres such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as children's and young adult books.

Search the Indigenous Fiction and Indigenous non-Fiction categories on the UQP website to discover Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors.