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Text mining & text analysis

This guide contains resources for researchers about text mining and text analysis (sometimes known as distant reading).

Tool comparison

  free ready to install on Library computers via Zenworks web-based

word cloud/ word frequency

network analysis

topic model- ing class- ification /cluster- ing named entity recog- nition senti- ment analysis
NVivo   X   X X       X
Leximancer     X   X X X X X
Voyant X   X X X        
Orange Text Mining X X   X X X     X
R and RStudio X X   X X X X X X
Python X X   X X X X X X

Nvivo support

Leximancer support

Voyant support

Orange Text Mining support

Orange 3 can be installed on Library computers via Zenworks with the Anaconda Python install.

R / RStudio support

Python support