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Australian Government

Find information on the Australian system of government: how it's organised, the roles and responsibilities of each level of government, and where to find further information about Australian political institutions.

Referencing styles

  Referencing is acknowledging other's work or ideas that you have used in your assignment. The School of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) uses Chicago 17th referencing style. This style has a UQ Library guide with details on how to reference different types of documents. POLSIS' School based Essay guide provides more information on the topic referencing as well as links to these 2 styles and it is required reading.  

School of Political Science and International Studies Essay Guide

Students writing essays for courses in the School of Political Science and International Relations should use the School's Essay Guide for guidance and instruction constructing and writing an academic essay. This guide also provides tips on referencing as well as important information on penalties for late submission, plagiarism. There is also a section of other resources if you require help or assistance while completing your assignment. 

Digital Essentials

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Modules include: