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What is a literature review / annotated bibliography?

A literature review is an assessment and critical analysis of the literature (what has been published) on a particular topic.

An annotated bibliography provides:

  • A reference list with a summary of the main arguments or idea of each source
  • A critique or evaluation of the source’s usefulness, reliability, objectivity or bias 
  • A reflection on how the source fits into your research

Both provide a critical review of the literature

For more information visit the Literature reviews library guide

And UQ Student support Assignment types

Finding literature reviews on your topic

 Reading review articles is a good way to get an overview of the current research on a topic. The reviews will include key articles that you can follow up. 

Find reviews

Option 1 -

  1. Run your search in the database
  2. Limit the results to review or literature review - often found under Document type

Option 2 -

If there is no option to limit to reviews try adding the word "review" to your search.

  1. Go to the Advanced search of the database
  2. Enter your search terms
  3. Type review into a search line and change the field option to Title

Note: The results may include book reviews using this method.

Useful databases to find review articles


Referencing is a crucial part of successful academic writing and is key to your assignments and research.

UQ eSpace

UQ eSpace is the University of Queensland's institutional repository containing the research output of UQ researchers including UQ Research Higher Degree Theses.  UQ eSpace also contains open access publications and other digitised materials.  UQ eSpace is indexed by Google Scholar.


Finding theses

Search for theses - UQ, Australian, UK, North American and other sources.

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