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Multimedia, exam preparation resources, books, databases, journals, websites and referencing for anatomy.


Anatomical models

Located in the Biological Sciences Library (Level 3)

Range of models available to all UQ students. In Library use only but can be moved temporarily to meeting/group rooms within the library.

Please note: Anatomical models are managed by the Gross Anatomy Facility, School of Biomedical Sciences.

The models cover all systems of the body including: Circulatory system / Digestive system and Excretory system / Endocrine system / Integumentary system and Exocrine system / Immune system and lymphatic system / Skeletal system / Muscular system and Nervous system

A selection of anatomy models in the Biological Sciences Library

Past exam papers

Past exam papers

  You can search for past exam papers from Library Search.

How to locate past exam papers