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Planning : Urban and Regional

Most resources will be available in the Architecture and Music Library (Armus) located in the Zelman Cowen building.

What is a literature review / annotated bibliography?

A literature review is an assessment and critical analysis of the literature (what has been published) on a particular topic. Literature Review Guide

An annotated bibliography provides:

  • A reference list with a summary of the main arguments or idea of each source
  • A critique or evaluation of the source’s usefulness, reliability, objectivity or bias 
  • A reflection on how the source fits into your research

Both provide a critical review of the literature.

For writing help - contact Student Support Assignment types

Finding the gaps and advances in your topic

Useful resources on literature or systematic reviews



Referencing is a crucial part of successful academic writing and is key to your assignments and research.

Finding theses

Search for theses - UQ, Australian, UK, North American and other sources.