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Find video and audio, including feature films, documentaries, instructional videos,TV shows, music and theatre.

Searching feature films by language

Find feature films in your desired language

  1. Go to the Advanced search of Library Search.
  2. In the first line of the search box select Subject and exact phrase, then type feature films
  3. Under Content type select Videos
  4. Click Search
  5. Scroll down to Language and select Show more to select the language you want
  6. Click Apply Filters
  7. The results will display

To limit to Streamed content only

  1. Perform the search above
  2. Select Available online under Show only from the Filter options
  3. Click Apply Filters

Examples of feature films available online

Find Australian feature films

To browse for Australian feature films, simply enter the phrase “feature film from Australia” with the quotation marks in the Library Search box.

Find information about Australian productions, and co-productions with Australia:

  • Australian screen - provides information about Australian film and television industry, from its earliest days to the present
  • Screen Australia - find a film search database

Screen content performance

Select the drop down option to see statistics on box office shares and content performance, including:

  • Top Australian Box Office
  • Top 50 films
  • Top weekly/monthly