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This guide will help you find reference resources, books, journal articles, census data and websites related to study of statistics.

ABS Microdata

Microdata consists of unit record level data about people, households, income unit, family unit or businesses that can be downloaded for statistical analysis in your own environment, such as modelling. It is the most detailed level of ABS statistical data available.

Microdata is collected through ABS surveys, censuses, administrative data and integrated data from other sources. The data are highly confidentialised with data items usually provided in ranges or broad groupings, and the output data is cleared by ABS before released to users.

UQ researchers interested in using Microdata must:

Microdata tools

Microdata Download

Access basic microdata (unit record data) about individuals, households or businesses. Over 100 Microdata files are available including Census, health, income, education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, migrants, crime, aging, disability etc

View the Data Topics available to help you evaluate the tool and data resources.

Apply for Access

Follow our guide for access instructions.


Experienced researchers may access detailed microdata via the ABS secure data environment, to undertake complex, real-time analysis. Researchers can analyse highly detailed microdata within the secure DataLab using statistical software including R, SAS, Stata and Python. In addition, any analytical ouptut you want to use outside the virtual DataLab environment will be checked by ABS before release.

Who can use DataLab

UQ researchers who have UQ authorisation and have undertaken approved ABS training can access DataLab.  The ABS website provides more details on who can access DataLab.

Data Topics

View the data topics available to help you decide if this tool has the data you need.

Researchers may also access Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) datasets, and Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) datasets.

Apply for Access

1. Get UQ approval for your project and ABS access (UQ researchers and HDR students only).

2. Apply for DataLab access following the ABS guide.

MicroData support