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This guide will help you find reference resources, books, journal articles, census data and websites related to study of statistics.

ABS Census

How do I find Census data?

Census data can be accessed though a number of different tools and data is presented in different ways. Think about what data you need, what your statistical or data skill levels are, and whether you need broad aggregated statistics or more detailed data that you can analyse, when selecting a tool.

For help choosing the right tool as well as access to user guides for tools, use the 'Which Census tool is best for you?' guide  

Census data tools for all users

Easy to use tool that lets you find data relating to people, families and dwellings for specific areas in Australia.

Select your area/geography or search by country of birth via the search box or interactive map.

The results are presented in two ways:

1. QuickStats : provides summary statistics on the population in that area, viewed online.
2. Community profiles : more detailed statistics in downloadable Excel tables for a selected area. The 4 community profiles available are general community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, time series and working population.

Census data tools for more advanced users

There is a wide range of topics available via TableBuilder. To assess whether this tool has the data you need:

1. Browse the topic list and check the detailed data items information
2. Use the search function to find your topic of choice

TableBuilder also provides access to non-Census datasets compiled from ABS surveys and administrative data collected by other organisations. Topics include health, education, labour force, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, migrants, motor vehicles, crime, disabilities, ageing and carers.

Historical ABS census data