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Parliamentary and government information

Identify key information resources for government and parliamentary information.

Parliamentary papers

Parliamentary papers are documents which have been tabled in parliament and printed by parliament. Generally, only documents of some significance are included in the parliamentary papers, such as:

  • Budget papers
  • White Papers
  • Annual Reports
  • Reports of Royal Commissions
  • Parliamentary Committee Reports.

While not all documents tabled in parliament are published in the parliamentary papers, many parliaments are now publishing tabled documents on their websites. To access current tabled papers, first, try the parliamentary website. For historical research, printed Parliamentary Papers remain an important source.

For other Parliamentary Papers from other Australian states or overseas jurisdictions, access the tabled papers on the relevant parliamentary website or via Library Search.

Accessing Queensland Parliamentary Papers

Papers presented to the Queensland parliament have been published in a number of different publications.

From 1992 onwards, papers tabled in parliament are added to an online database, Online Tabled Papers.


From 1902 onwards, papers were collected in a separate publication, Parliamentary Papers.


From 1859 to 1902, parliamentary papers were included in two separate publications:

Indexes and finding aids

Finding Commonwealth Parliamentary Papers


More recently, parliamentary papers are published online and can be found by searching the tabled papers.


From 1901 onwards, papers are published in Papers presented to Parliament and ordered to be printed.

Indexes and finding aids

A number of indexes have been issued, including the First Consolidated Index to the Papers Presented to Parliament 1901–1949. Later indexes were produced annually and at 10-yearly intervals.

From 1996 onwards, the Parliament produced an online index to papers presented to Parliament.