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Parliamentary and government information

Identify key information resources for government and parliamentary information.


Government Gazettes are vital sources of government information. Governments use these publications to announce decisions and actions:

  • Appointments, transfers, resignations or promotions within the public service
  • Establishment of departments, bodies or commissions
  • Establishment or changes to electorate boundaries
  • Proclamations, notices and circulars
  • Date of when legislation receives Royal Assent
  • Government tenders
  • Deaths, wills and intestacies.

Accessing Queensland Government Gazettes


Access to Queensland Government Gazettes is available from 2003 onwards via the Queensland Government Publications website. Gazettes published between 1859 and 1900 have been ditigitsed and are available on Text Queensland.

Online coverage is available between 1859 and 1905, Queensland Government Gazette.


Indexes and finding aids

Accessing Commonwealth Gazettes


The Federal Register of Legislation includes general government gazette from 2012. Gazettes published between 1901 and December 2012 can be browsed by year.